PB & Banana Protein Pancakes

I rarely make pancakes at home, but once in a while, the mood strikes! I don’t typically go for sweet breakfasts or meals in general (like crepes – give me a savory crepe all day!), but this weekend both the hubs and my oldest daughter requested pancakes. If I had to choose, I prefer a good Belgian waffle over a pancake, but Kodiak cakes have converted me into a pancake lover!

I love the Kodiak cakes brand because the flavor just seems so much better than a usual pancake mix. It also is higher in protein, and mixing the powder with milk instead of water makes them even more protein-packed and tasty! I love to cook these in Kerry Gold butter for added flavor and a little bit of healthy fat.

My family of course enjoyed some chocolate chip pancakes, but since I have to be “extra” about everything I eat, I made mine MY way! 

I love putting peanut butter on what some may consider unusual things (e.g. on cinnamon raisin bagels! In my oatmeal! On a banana!) Clearly, pancakes are no exception. My preferred way of eating Kodiak cakes is to slather on some natural PB onto two pancakes, stack them, and top with sliced bananas and a tiny drizzle of high-quality maple syrup. It is definitely not low-calorie, but when you’re eating pancakes, who really cares about that?! I love that this dish is high in protein and healthy fats to keep me satiated for hours. 

I definitely want to try some other recipes and toppings for pancakes after watching Pick Up Limes’ breakfast videos! I’m especially interested in making buckwheat pancakes.

How do you prefer your pancake stack!?

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  1. Meg says:

    Peanut butter and any kind of berries!!! Best stack ever


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