Operation In-Laws in India Meal Plan: Week 4

Well we survived a whole month while my husband’s parents were out of the country! Honestly, although it was challenging, it was absolutely doable. We initially thought we would not be able to do a lot of things we normally do throughout the week (e.g. make time for workouts with our friends, go out to eat), but we found that it was absolutely possible and enjoyable. Sure we were a little more tired and stressed than usual, but we also felt a renewed sense of accomplishment by getting through the month. A secure routine and a little extra caffeine were key =)

Our final solo week of cooking was pretty easy because I made a huge batch of chicken tinga for tacos. We had some delicious tacos for three days! I know most people would get tired of eating the same thing each day, but I never tire of tacos. Tacos also have a special place in my heart because they were the first thing I had an appetite/craving for during my first pregnancy!

This Instant Pot recipe for chicken tinga is so quick and easy. Shredding it is even easier – just throw all of the cooked chicken into an electric mixer and use the paddle attachment. It shreds ALL of the chicken at once within seconds! Pure magic.

At the end of the week, I made a big pan of veggie lasagna to welcome home my in-laws. This lasagna is a hit, and I love how you can include any and every vegetable to your liking! I used the no-boil lasagna noodles to make it even easier. I love making the homemade white sauce. I added tons of dried herbs and Italian seasoning to both the veggies and the sauce for added flavor. I also throw a bouillon cube into the sauce for a little more depth. Even my carnivorous husband enjoys this lasagna!

Ricotta cheese with dried herbs
The final delicious product!

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