Film Review: Chef


The other night I finally got a chance to watch “Chef,” a film that combines a few of my favorite things: food, cooking, travel, and great music. I had been wanting to catch this film in theaters, but did not get a chance to view it until it became available on iTunes. Oh, trusty iTunes.


Chef was entertaining enough; however, it was a not an exceptionally moving or funny film. I am normally easily amused, but I found that the comedic scenes could have been much more cleverly written throughout the film. Take of resample the scene between Chef Carl (Jon Favreau) and food blogger Ramsey Michel (Oliver Platt). Perhaps it was meant to have a layer of sadness and disappointment which are clearly what Chef Carl was feeling during the scene; however, to me it just seemed uncomfortable when it had the opportunity to be hilarious.


The incorporation of the influence of social media on our daily lives was an interesting and fun aspect. It portrayed how social media can affect one person in vastly different ways. I did enjoy following the story between father and son in the film, but that probably has more to do with my being a sucker for sad-looking kids in movies than the literary development of these characters themselves. Its cast of well-known stars (even comedian Russell Peters made an appearance) did not make up for the characters’ lack of depth. The story is overall quite predictable, but the overarching message of following your passion and not conforming to others’ expectations is well taken. My favorite part of the film, I have to say, was the music — every single song got you tapping your foot and shimmying your shoulders. I especially loved that Rebirth Brass Band’s music was featured during their visit to New Orleans. Even the scene showing the food truck parked on Frenchmen Street made me feel nostalgic for the Marigny.

Chef wasn’t the commentary on social media I thought it would be, but it was accomplished some basic needs: a feel good movie to pass a weekday evening at home.

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  1. diahannreyes says:

    Thanks for the review. I was just debating over whether to see this- now I think I will just wait til it arrives on HBO.


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