Sweet Gestures


After a very long and difficult string of weeks at work, often caring for patients who have endured terrible accidents (physically and biologically speaking), this evening I went to see a patient whose loved one’s gesture brought a smile to my face. This patient, a fairly young man who recently suffered a rare type of stroke caused by an arterial dissection, told me he was having a very positive day of good progress. The cherry on top was that his girlfriend brought him the sweetest picnic style dinner, with a pretty “picnic blanket” to put on his hospital tray, a bottle of wine with two wine glasses, delicious looking Italian takeout, and a CD player playing some lovely jazz music. He basically looked over the moon and I bet he’ll put a ring on it right quick. It just made me smile like a goofball, so I thought I’d share.

Even in the toughest circumstances, a simple act of kindness can be powerfully healing. Happy weekend!

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