Red Baraat: a bhangra brass band!

As we strolled along Frenchmen Street last weekend, I overheard the words “Indian funk brass band” and immediately turned around to learn more. That night, Blue Nile was hosting Red Baraat, a diverse band that fuses the contagious energy of bhangra music with the joyful shake-your-hips sound of the brass bands of New Orleans, the groovy undertones of funk, and the slinkiness of jazz. Never having heard their music before, I wanted to learn more before purchasing tickets on the whim.

After some brief google searching, I came across their blog and found out that they are quite popular already, especially among World music listeners. Formed in 2008 out of Brooklyn, NY, this group has enjoyed great success. They have been to the White House, played on the TED stage last year, were featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series, and closed the 2012 London Paralympic Games. Their sound is a celebration of cultural and musical diversity. After sampling a few of their tracks, I think I’ll be downloading their album on iTunes!

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