One Billion Rising on V-Day

Two months ago, the horrific gang rape of a young woman from New Delhi sparked protest and anger around the world. Violence against women is rampant in every society, but most of the cases are brushed under the rugs of ignorance and political repugnance. I am still surprised that the Delhi case became a worldwide issue, for even though the brutality of it is unfathomable, similar or even worse occurrences happen everyday. It happens to the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the famous and the commoners. It can range from an intimidating comment to high-profile paparazzi fodder. In each and every case, justice is deserved. As women’s rights becomes more and more a presence on the political platform, it is my dream that we can grow in mutual respect for one another.

February 14, 2013 marked the 15th anniversary of the V-day movement which was organized by American playwright Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues). This Valentine’s Day, people from over 190 countries participated in the One Billion Rising campaign, a one-day event which was also the brain child of Ensler. One billion refers to the number of women — 1 in 3 — who will suffer sexual or domestic violence every single day. As part of the movement, musician Anoushka Shankar (daughter of the late Ravi Shankar) put forth a video detailing her own experience of sexual abuse as a child. Her bravery will hopefully be a comfort and guidance to the millions who felt they could not vocalize their own experiences. Until now.

One Billion Rising (Short Film):

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