“Operation: In-laws in India” Meal Plan – Week 2

I meant to complete these posts in real-time, week by week, oops! Truly, by the end of the day I just love to sleep rather than sit down with a computer screen for another second. Better late than never, though, right!?

While my in-laws were in India, we made it through week 2 on our own with the kiddos! Here is what we had for dinner during this week with recipes. To see week 1’s meal plan, click here.

Monday: leftovers from the weekend!

Mon/Tues: Homemade veggie white sauce with store-bought raviolis

When you need a pretty quick meal, I like the store-bought raviolis from the grocery store. We usually get the Rana brand with the mushroom raviolis and sausage raviolis. I’ve seen store-made raviolis and pastas at Whole Foods too, but I haven’t tried them. Of course, you could always just boil pasta for this dish too! The white sauce is creamy and comforting, and I use a ton of veggies (usually onions, garlic, red and green bell pepper, frozen broccoli florets chopped up, and mushrooms). Throw in some dried red pepper flakes and a bouillon cube for additional flavor. It is so colorful and delicious!

Chicken Marsala on the right served with some leftover ravioli!

Wed/Thurs: Chicken Marsala

Hubby made this dish. It is usually pretty quick and delicious! You can make it gluten-free by using tapioca flour or arrow root flour instead of regular flour. I usually like to have a side of roasted veggies with it, but I had it with some leftover raviolis!

Fri: One-pan baked salmon and asparagus (or broccoli)

This is a simple, quick, go-to healthy meal when you’re super lazy! I have been making an effort to assure we eat fish at least once a week. Those healthy fats and omega 3’s are so important! Salmon is one of my favorite types of fish. Simple salt and pepper seasoning is great on salmon, but you can always dress it up if you want! The asparagus or broccoli can be tossed in olive oil, salt and black pepper. Just throw everything on one sheet pan and bake! Nutritious and satisfying!

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