My Husband’s On Point Lamb Curry

Lamb curry is usually a special occasion dish in our home. Over the past few years, we have made it on numerous occasions especially when hosting guests. It’s a dish that I always look forward to if my husband is making it because he puts a lot of time and love into it — and it never disappoints! The preparation is a little time consuming, but well worth the final result. Served with rice and a vegetable side, or with paratha/naan/etc., this dish is spicy, comforting, and filling.

You can certainly use boneless lamb. However, if you can find bone-in lamb, I would definitely opt for this because it adds both flavor AND health benefits from that nutrient-rich bone marrow. Look for a local Middle Eastern/halaal grocer as they usually supply great quality lamb (and other meat) at great prices. And as a special treat, this post is not a traditional recipe, but a video recipe that my husband created! Bon apetite!


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