The Lampe Berger

I never – I mean never – talk about products I love on this blog. Well, not as far as I can remember, anyway. However, there’s one product I came across about a year ago that I absolutely LOVE in my home, and I wanted to share! And no I’m definitely not sponsored by the company. Im pretty sure like three people read this blog regularly. 

Anyways. The product is the Lampe Berger. It started off with a Google search for the best ways to mask pet odors in the home. I read numerous rave reviews about the LB and decided to check it out. At first, I was hesitant because of the price tag, but I figured with SO MANY positive reviews it must be worth it. I was also tried of spending money on plug-in fragrances and candles that really didn’t do the trick or last very long. So I bit the bullet and paid for the LB. 

The kit comes with the actual “lamp” bottle, the wick/catalytic stone, and the fragrance oil of your choice. You just pour the oil into the lamp, put the wick in, light it and let the flame burn for 2 minutes, then blow the flame out and allow the fragrance to diffuse for 20 minutes. Then you cap it to stop the diffusion. Prepare to be amazed. 

The fragrances I’ve tried so far are really lovely, permeate both upstairs and downstairs, and really and truly neutralizes odors. I have found that after cooking a particularly pungent meal (ahem, Indian food), lighting the LB totally rids the house of all cooking smells. Even when I get up the next morning and step out of my bedroom, I can smell the fragrance upstairs after having burned the lamp downstairs in the kitchen the night before! 

Because I use it infrequently and only let the fragrance permeate for 20 minutes, the oil lasts a long time. The oil comes in a larger bottle so you can refill the lamp several times per bottle. I started off with three bottles which lasted about a year.  I just bought the basic clear square lamp which is simple and pretty. There are more decorative options to choose from though if you want it to serve this purpose as well. Because of its duration, effectiveness, and gorgeous fragrances, I think the price was well worth it.

I can’t remember the first fragrance I tried, but I know I liked it. It was probably “Ocean Breeze” or something, knowing me. The second fragrance I had was “New Orleans” (typical) which was SO nice. I just ordered “Harvest Season,” “Charleston,” and “Paris Chic” on Amazon. So excited!!! I’m not a big fan of sweet fragrances like vanilla or very fruity scents (unless it’s coming straight from the oven), but these types of fragrances are definitely available too. 

If you try the LB, I’d love to hear your opinion! 

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  1. Lampe berger is just the best, if you like fine living, clean air and a little bit of elegance in your home – lamp berger offers all of that. I’ve been using it for years and still haven’t tried all the fragrances, my current fav on trend is Daring Pepper fragrance . I use their site to figure out the fragrance profiles and descriptions I want to try next. Thanks for having this blog, very useful!


    1. vnp1210 says:

      Thanks for reading!


    2. vnp1210 says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting!


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