I Hope I Have Sons, But Not For The Reasons You Think

In much of the world, having a son is far more favored than having a daughter. I can only speak for India based on my cultural understanding of the country of my family’s origin, where in many parts, girls are aborted or even killed after birth because they would bring financial burden to their families….

Rough Hands

As a child, she noticed the roughness of her mother’s hands. They were not rough with callouses or dry skin. They were in fact soft to the touch, with the thin blue veins and delicate tendons visible through her skin, which was fairer than her daughter’s. She noted the roughness in their motions, and mistook…

Not That Kind of Girl

I have to admit; I’ve only seen the first two or three episodes of HBO’s “Girls” starring Lena Dunham. I could not really get into the vibe of the show as it was not applicable to my own experience in my early twenties. There have been numerous articles and blog posts detailing, defending, and criticizing…

Film Review: Chef

The other night I finally got a chance to watch “Chef,” a film that combines a few of my favorite things: food, cooking, travel, and great music. I had been wanting to catch this film in theaters, but did not get a chance to view it until it became available on iTunes. Oh, trusty iTunes….