a silent goodbye

two children
separated by a decade in time.
their coexistence was at first
like parent and child.

the older one had spent a short life
being taught unhealthy lessons
punished for mistakes seen
through the eyes of
a tarnished mind
lessons not meant for anyone
of any age
much less a child.

in desperation he glued the fragments
of himself together
now believing himself
to be always whole, always right
yet the pieces of himself are still scattered and broken
he does not see.

it was on his shoulders to watch over her
to protect, encourage, raise
she too had lessons to learn
hers came later
but she had her share of tears too

years went on
the young girl turned the pain of her youth into
focus, determination
to become someone worthwhile
seeking to one day leave behind
a city
and a last name.

she pushed forward
not realizing she had run miles ahead of her protector
who she began to more see for his humanity
and less for what he craved everyone to see
she was never one to stroke egos.

he yearned, even demanded, respect
without first earning it
perhaps his age
deluded him into believing
he was owed honors
it seems he forgot
which country he was living in

a double-edged sword
of dull understanding

it angered him when one day she
sneered at him
for his misgivings
his failures
still, the years went on
sometimes silent
other times civil
even joyful at times, but only superficially
many times he would prove her right
that they were like day and night
nothing in this lifetime could change their inner workings
and make them a pair of innocent beings again

his eyes in old photographs always held such sadness
but the age of innocence has passed
time to grow up and move on
untethered by what once was

she hopes her own children one day
would stand by each other out of love,
instead of a sense of duty
for duty means nothing
without respect.

all that’s left now
is a silent

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  1. Katie C. says:

    Striking poem, V. I like the separation concept here: of age, gender, abilities, expectations, even surroundings. The surprise rhyme marks a moment of intensity, too, perhaps a turning point, indicating that those separations would actually cut the relationship, as if there’s no going back? I liked how the cocktail of sadness/anger energy built up and faded away equally, leaving the reader with a sense of calm peace at the end. It’s a very thoughtful, melancholy, and moving poem. Thank you for sharing it!


    1. vnp1210 says:

      Thank you so much for the feedback!! It was written on a whim. I know the structure is weird but I just blurted feelings out. I am thankful for your insight.


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