immeasurable beauty

Tohatchi, NM (2005)

sharp is the contrast
between brilliant blue heaven,
soft and clear as powder on silk,
and rugged golden rocks
speckled with green spots that
dripped from the paintbrush
of divinity.
salty are the tears that poured
into the sweet earth
which burned their feet and
bore their fruit.
lovely is the wind that lifted
coal-colored strands
and wrapped around worn hands…
it is the breath of God that
flows from the
whisper of a child to
the flower she picks
to the blessed receiver of such affection…
in this way are all children of God
illuminated by love and virtue
but only the exceptional can portray
it so obviously in their nature…
just as it is the nature of a butterfly
to be beautiful
and it is the nature of a lamb to be gentle
it is your nature to be
loving, humble
generous, selfless…
He who molded you from the
vision in His unfathomable mind
must experience heartbreaking
delight at such an exemplar of
original purpose.
you find as much joy in
simple pleasures as
others find in your laughter.
in you I see no contrast between
thought and action
or between principle and mannerism.
yet you are more beautiful than golden mountains
against powdered heavens.

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