Family wraps you in its arms
From the moment you enter the world
It nurtures your growth
Consoles your tears
Corrects your mistakes
It guides your feet to walk the earth

Family cooks your favorite meals
And makes your favorite sweets
It feeds your heart and soul with love
It sings old lullabies that you won’t know the words to
When your own little one is here

Family is kinship
Not always bound by blood
Family is that friend you have known for a year
Who treats you like their own sibling
When yours is absent and broken

Family shows up
No matter the cost, distance, or time spent
They arrive to join you for the important moments in life
And make you feel connected to something greater than yourself

Family does not expect you to nurture them
The way they nurture you
Their sole purpose is to give
So that your life may be better

Family does not turn their back on you
Through difficult times and hardships
Instead they grasp your hand even tighter
And walk with you until the sun rises again

Family takes learning and patience
To bestow the values that let you sleep at night

Our family
Is about to change meaning again
We hope we can give you our own meaning of Family
So you will never be alone in this world

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  1. diahannreyes says:

    The older I get the more I appreciate family for sure. I got married two weeks ago and it meant so much to me, the family, both biological and not, that took the time to show up.


    1. vnp1210 says:

      First off congratulations on your marriage!!!!! What an exciting and happy time! Yea it seems like it is very obvious at these crucial moments in life who your family is.

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